Due to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus, Soteras Group Hotels is working on a firm protocol for prevention and action.

We believe that our responsibility to our customers and employees is to take action and follow the sanitation recommendations rigorously. That is why our staff has been trained to follow these rules of prevention and action in the performance of their work.


Training all staff on hygiene and prevention measures.

Temperature controls at the beginning of the working day for all staff.

Staff endowed with INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (IPE-EPI) to guarantee everyone’s safety and trained for its correct use.

Social distancing measures.


  • New online check-in and check-out system.
  • Prioritization of the payment system with credit cards contactless credit.
  • Social distancing measures between clients and employees.
  • Disinfection and sterilization of the magnetic keys in the rooms after each use.
  • Temperature controls to anticipate adequate medical attention.
  • Information on the reception totems with the rules and information COVID19, QR codes …
  • Disinfectant hydrogel bottle and kit consisting of a mask and gloves.


  • Elimination of non-essential products such as laundry bags, unnecessary amenities, brochures …
  • Maintenance and emphasis on the protocols already established in our establishments, updated for the COVID-19 context, avoiding cross-contamination and ensuring proper disinfection.
  • Increased cleaning time daily and in exit rooms with an increase in viricidal products for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Each room will be free a minimum of 24 hours before being occupied by a new client.
  • Washing of clothes and textiles with special programs that guarantee maximum hygiene.
  • Increase in the frequency of control, quality and disinfection of the air conditioning and heating ducts.


  • Exhaustive cleaning and increasing the frequency of public areas, especially attention to bathrooms and areas of greater contact.
  • Maximum capacities established to guarantee the minimum safety distance between people.
  • Air cleaning and purification system.
  • All clients will have hydroalcoholic gel at their disposal in all the common areas of the hotel (reception, waiting areas, elevator entrance, breakfast room, event rooms, gym, etc …)
  • Specific disinfection measures for footwear and suitcases
  • The maximum capacity of the elevators will be adapted to guarantee the safety distance and the capacity will be reduced in the common areas to avoid crowds (breakfast bars and restaurants).
  • Temporary removal of furniture and decorative objects that prevent compliance with the minimum distances.
  • For establishments that have a fitness room, it will be necessary to make a prior reservation.
  • For the realization of events and the use of the meeting rooms, the distancing and protection measures of the attendees, as well as the catering services, will be respected at all times.


  • Points of hydroalcoholic gel in all entrances to restaurants and bars.
  • Limited capacity in restaurants and bars.
  • Establishment of a minimum distance of 2 meters between tables.
  • Disinfection of tables and chairs after each use.
  • Cleaning of kitchenware and facilities with disinfectant products at the end of each service.
  • Prioritization of table service and show cooking.
  • Elimination of physical Menú – A le Carte, they are replaced by fixed signage and QR codes for consultation in mobile applications.
  • The decoration elements on tables, cruets, toothpicks and other services are replaced by individual portions and consumption of individual containers, always thinking that they are ecologically sustainable.

We believe in safe and responsible travel while remaining vigilant and following the procedures and protocols recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local authorities. That is why we detail below recommendations to be followed by residents and visitors.