Grup Soteras Consulting & Management


Experience, processes and operations focused on providing high value-added service to the management of own hotels and hotels of other owners.

Given the current scenario of falling economic returns on many hotel assets, different options appear: continue to fight as an independent hotel, try to sell the hotel or hand over management to a third party.

At present, a formula is gaining strength that allows the hotel to improve its profitability and leave it in a better situation for the immediate future: the HOTEL MANAGEMENT contract (or also known as management contract), which allows the owner to continue maintaining the ownership of the hotel. In this case, the owner forgets about the management and day-to-day difficulties of the hotel, leaving it in the hands of a hotel group that will improve profitability and give more value to its assets.

Grup Soteras Hotels management model

Grup Soteras Hotels has based its business model on specialization and its own methodology. We bring together all the experience, processes and operations of Grup Soteras, and we focus it to give high added value services to the management of our own hotels and those of other owners that trust in the Grup Soteras model.

Grup Soteras Hotels Consulting & Management is a support unit for the hotelier, that pretends not only to advise in the management and direction of the hotel establishments, but also to take the integral responsibility in the management of the hotels, in all levels:

  • Operational: human resources, work procedures, management indicators, F&B, technical, etc.
  • Commercial and Marketing: traditional and online channels, national market and international and emerging markets.
  • Organisation, Administration and Control: administration, finance, labour, PRL, etc.

Different services in hotel management

We have a consolidated human structure, with experience and very knowledgeable and specialized in the management of hotel assets of various types. We take advantage of the synergies of belonging to Grup Soteras to offer services in hotel management in terms of:

  • Relationship with owners and periodic follow-up meetings
  • Strategic advice and consultancy
  • Business Recovery
  • Direction and management of the day-to-day running of the establishment (Operations, Administration and Finance)
  • Marketing (national and international, online-offline)
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing, procurement and supplies
  • New management technologies
  • Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Recruitment and Training, PRL
  • Working procedures






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